Final Take Home Essay

Media production helped taught me a lot about the communications field. Through this class I could use programs that I normally wouldn’t have access to. After years of using only free or cheap software to do any sort of editing it was a nice change to use such full programs such as adobe photoshop. It was also a learning experience just by using the mac lab in general for I have never used mac before. The differences are quite noticeable between pc and mac, and both have their pros and cons. After working with mac for a bit I would not declare myself as a full-fledged apple dedicate but to give it another try I would not be opposed to. the help of descriptive tutorials and in-depth instructions the courses goals were clear and at a reasonable difficulty. The task assigned are completely unique in a way that other classes are not and allow participants to explore their own story telling in a creative way. By sitting down to talk with interviewees allows one to become more conferrable with the desire to learn more about a certain person or subject. Collecting audio for multiple projects help develop one’s ability to develop a story through another’s experience. The expectation within the course are realistic and will help assist anyone into adjusting into the real work environment. Personally, being someone who procrastinates has always been a struggle for me but with a mass amount to learn it was obvious that deadlines are deadlines for a reason. Lesson add on to lesson which add onto lessons which only help develop a more intact and detailed work ethic which is helpful in all fields of learning. To become successful not only in communications but life in general takes points taught through out the semester and relies on one’s own ability to efficiently practice those skills.


Always at Work and it’s Never a Dull Moment

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Jordan always comes to class prepared.

It’s dinnertime in the Caillas household.

Rene Casillas is making his famous spaghetti and meatballs.

When Felicia is hard at work nothing can stop her.

Felicia is busy training the younger students to doing scheduling.


The Passion of Dance

Local high school student Trinity describes her experience as an artist and what it’s like to live dance.